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Our Dogs

Kiesen (key-zen)

There are not enough words to describe Kiesen. He is our ride or die, travel companion, song dog, snow dog, and talent dog. He is goofy, loving, playful, obedient, loyal, and handsome. Never have I had a dog packed with so much personality or a huge Instagram fan base. We refer to Kiesen as our "song dog" because he loves to sing, especially waiting outside the shower for dad. He will sing on his own or upon request. But his favorite is singing with his head out of the sunroof while wearing his snow goggles. He exhibits the inherited BMD traits of being mild-mannered, good-natured, committed,  and aloof to strangers without being shy, but he is also vocal about protecting our home. Kiesen is currently going through show training. We are excited to see where these new adventures take him and us.


DOB: 5.12.2020
Sperm count: 426.0 million
Sperm count per ml: 142.0 million
Height: 27”
Weight: 95lbs


Health Clearances
SOD1-B: Clear
DM: Clear
VWD1: Clear



Right - Normal

Left - Normal

Advanced Cardiac (EKG):


Hips & Elbows

Right hip: Excellent        
Right elbow: Grade 1     
Left hip: Excellent         
Left elbow: Negative for dyspla



Jäger (yay-ger)

Info to come



Kiesen flag.jpg
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