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About Us

We are a small stud kennel located in Bountiful, Utah. I come from a family of dog breeders and have been breeding large breed dogs for over 35 years, solely Bernese for the last eleven years. There is no other breed for us. My husband’s grandparents on both sides are Swiss immigrants, and the picture here to the right is of his 2nd great-grandfather, taken in Kiesen, Switzerland, in 1880. He was the local postmaster, and the Berner pictured at his feet would help pull the mail cart. We are a very active family, and there is not much we do without our dogs. We hike, camp, paddleboard, kayak, snowshoe, and travel with them. In the last two years, we have been on multiple road trips to Colorado, Montana, Nevada, Wyoming, California, and Idaho. Berners make great travel companions. Our dogs are certified therapy and rescue dogs. We show our dogs in conformation and draft competitions as well. Our most recent edition, Jäger, comes from many grand and world champions, including his Dam (mother), who took second place at the World Dog Show in 2022.  

We strive in every way to be reputable breeders. Making sure health testing is done and work toward bettering the breed by evaluating temperament, not just genetics. We are not doing this to make money but for the love of the breed. We invest time, love, and energy into our fur babies. They live in our home like family members, not kept outside in kennels. Unlike some breeders, we do not rehome our dogs once they become of no breeding use to us.  They live out their days well-loved in our home. We are excited to announce, that we will be traveling to Switzerland within the next few months to bring home a puppy to introduce a direct European bloodline to our kennel.


Club Memberships

Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America

Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Switzerland

Swiss Kennel Club

Kiesen 1980.jpg

Photo taken of my 2nd Great Grandfather and his Bernese. Kiesen, Switzerland, Canton of Bern, 1880.

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